Studio time

Well, studio and studio. I have a arranged a little corner of my flat in Prague, where the acoustics are favourable and where the people around me will have to announce them self, in the case that they are thinking of complaining on the noises and loudness coming out of my KRKs.

I have loaded up my iMac with great software and a bunch of plug-ins, not too many and i'm ready to go. This is a challenge and that's one of the things that I like about. It's the perfect combination of musicality and engineering. My physics classes in university finally pays off.

My head is full of ideas and the first i have to do is to find out how to realise them. Google and some forums and groups on Internet come in handy. But the learning curve is steep and my first project, never meant to see the light of day, starts taking shape on a long journey that lasts almost 4 months. 

There are moments when i almost cry, or scream of frustration and others filled with a conqueror's triumphant joy while marching through newly occupied lands. I start to win some battles, but the war is still on. One major obstacle was monitor speakers. I didn't have, only a half decent set of head-phones and of course the mixes sounds like an ape farting when you listen to it afterwards. So experiencing the KRKs was like opening a door to a secret shortcut to my destination.

It takes years to master this music, and just begun. I'm humbled in front of the fantastic skills the big guys have but determined that, I can do it.

Now Studio time! Do I really have time to write this?

Comment please!

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