Destination Defqon.1 2019 - an update

Defqon.1 - 2.001.jpeg

One year to go!

As I have set out as an objective to play for you on Defqon.1 2019, I thought I will from now on give you regular updates. The only way to make it, is to produce absolutely awesome tracks in the next 6 months. I have now been engaged in music making for a bit more than a year but I realise that those who produce stunning tracks, have many, many years of experience. But one has to believe in one self so I keep my objective.

I don't think there are much to be gained in terms of shortcuts, so hard work and toil is the way forward. Next up are a few new tracks I been working on along with remixes of my best older tracks and I'll put them all in an album.

You can listen to my music on all main streaming services, like Spotify, iTunes, Bandcamp, Mixcloud etc. Most of my tracks are also to be found on this website under "Music".

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Thanks for you support!
❤️ Hardstyle4ever!