Destination Defqon.1 2019

That's it! I have set out on my journey and the target is to perform at Defqon.1, summer 2019. The Hardstyle fest that beats anything else. As I started with Music production quite late, not to say very late in life, I have to be fucking ambitious.

I will work like an animal in blood sweat and tears to do it. Maybe it's a fools dream, maybe it can become reality? We will all see!

I count on you, Hardstyle fans out there, that if you like my music, you will mentally support this adventure. If I will not get there, maybe at least I was able to bring a solid, good Hardstyle moment to you. 

Cross your fingers, listen and love!

And please comment!

❤️ #Hardstyle4ever 👹 👹 👹