For me Hardstyle started where Hardrock ended. Playing guitar and bass guitar in my youth, constantly having Deep Purple, Black Sabbath or Genesis in any available listening gear, music was always there. But everything else important came in between and music had to stand back. I could always listen.

Then something happened, slowly but surely my idols got older and retired, one by one. The genre stopped to develop and with that I got bored.

Until one day, when a very special friend asked me to listen to Trance music. Picking it up as interesting, i started to research and soon enough I ran into the awesome Hardtrance track Nevermore.

After watching a few Videos from Qlimax on Youtube, I was sold. love at first sight. Now, I'm blessed to be able to spend time on making this amazing beautiful music. 

I can only hope you like it as much as I do!


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¨You can not touch Hardstyle but Hardstyle can touch you¨ Mc Ruffian